Prisoners\' Wives Girlfriends and Partners

Is your partner incarcerated?

With Prisoners' Wives, Girlfriends, & Partners (PWGP), you are not alone.

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Prisoners\' Wives Girlfriends and Partners

We S.E.E. you

PWGP strives to support, encourage, and educate (S.E.E.) everyone with an incarcerated partner.

Prisoners\' Wives Girlfriends and Partners

We know how you feel

Your loved one is in prison and you feel anger, guilt, shame, isolated, hopeless, lonely, and depressed. These are normal feelings...

Whether your journey is a couple of months or several years, all time is significant. We help each other!

Prisoners\' Wives Girlfriends and Partners

Free meetings and experienced mentors

Be with positive, supportive people who understand. Topics include healthy relationships, shame and stigma, single parenting, financial woes, behavioral issues, visitation, homecoming and more.

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PWGP offers resources for couples in the form of relationship exercises, workshops and publications. Separated by Prison, United by Conviction- a journal is designed for families affected by incarceration.

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PWGP has members and mentors across the country creating a worldwide network of support.

Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control, and making the most of it.

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