The Truth vs. “The Truth”

The Truth vs. “The Truth”

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  1. ShayShay09-09-2014

    “We all looked out the widnow and smelt the fire catch the tyres because a spark fell on the widnow out of the car and set fire to the car which blew up. The police put barriers around the house because nobody was aloud to get very close to the house for health and safety reasons so nothing happened that may cause people damage but the smell was awful so the conditions were very hard to work in especially because it was at night and the smoke was billowing from the house, it wasn’t just the car.The people on the ground had butterflies in their tummies witch made them very scared and they hoped nothing terrible would happen In the end everyone were very happy but sad at the same time because of all their precious things inside the house, the fire had destroyed most of the precious things like the: the pictures of their family, and their children’s work got shattered into a trillion pieces but the fire was put out so it worked out alright (but not how everyone would of liked it to) in the end and nobody was hurt so they all lived happily ever after(sort of) THE END.

  2. BonganiBongani02-18-2015

    Yarn, what you are saying and where you are conimg from is exactly what I needed when I was going thru all of that. Your loved one is in a state of survival right now, he’s probably thinking he is the lowest thing on earth and that he has ruined his life and everyone’s around him. I know I felt that way. You need to let him know that he is valued and that he is NOT the lowest thing on earth. He made a mistake, and if he faces up to it he will be able to heal and possibly do like Joe is doing here, help others through his experience. He needs to know that you love him and care, and that is very evident from your words on this post. You are both in for a very rough and rocky road, but it is managable, as long as he has someone who believes in him. My mother was a rock for me, I even lashed out at her several times but she never turned her back on me, never made me feel like what most of society makes a sex offender feel like. I did four years in prison, four years where I didn’t have any visits at all, and I’ve been out on probation for two and a half years and I am just now feeling like there is a life for me again, without my mother and several of my friends strong support, I would have never made it. Many of the sex offenders I was in prison with lost everything, including their family and friends. Those guys didn’t fare so well. The gremlins smell that kind of weakness. So, my advice is to just stand beside him and give him hope, don’t minimize what he did, but don’t make him think he is only a sex offender, I am sure he has many strong attributes, dwell on those. He is a person who committed a sex crime, not a sex-offender. Sex offender is society’s label, don’t give in to it. Don’t let him become the sex offender, help him be the man you know and love. I hope that helps.RonWell-loved.

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