Letters, Calls, Visits, OH MY!

Letters, Calls, Visits, OH MY!

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Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. SamanthaSamantha09-09-2014

    It was 4.oclock in the morning in the mildde of December, everyone was asleep except for one young girl because it was so hot that you could roast a chicken and she couldn’t sleep. She saw a bright light shinning through her window.She tried to open the door but the snow was too thick she tried and tried again to open the door she just couldn’t open it.She went upstairs and went into her bedroom she went out her window and she whispered “urgh! what’s that smell? it smells like burning cakes that have been burning for days.”As she went out the window the fire brigade came to put out the fire but there was no fire, then the fireman went inside the house to save the people, they didn’t know what had happened, they slept all through the dazzling light erupting from the base of the house.

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