Relationship Mission Statement

Relationship Mission Statement


Just like businesses and non-profit organizations, have a mission to stay on track to provide goals and structure, relationships should have one as well. Sure, we vow to love, honor, [obey], be together forever and ever, but what is expected as we are getting through to the forever part.

What do you want to achieve?

What rules do you want to abide by?


Here’s ours:

The Thompson Family union is our strength, power, and fortitude to deal with life’s up and downs. Our marriage is designed by us and is not governed by influences of society or religious references, unless we choose. Our union is 100% of each of us. It is a safe haven, a place where masks are not needed, but different faces are encouraged. Our support of each other will empower us to be ourselves stripped to the bone. Our mission is to love each other in a place where space and time does not exist. We will continue to live by the concept of “WillReese.”No one half is greater than the whole. We will respect and encourage each other’s growth and development as individuals, because our strength as a couple relies on our separate, but equal abilities. We are a couple who inspires others with our life and love and who model what it is to be in a great relationship.




Write a mission statement for your relationship.

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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