Romantic Resume

Romantic Resume


Ever thought about applying for the job to be with your partner? Sure, you already have the position, but what fun to create a romantic cover letter and resume, highlighting your skills and experience.


Cover Letter

Please find enclosed my resume for the position of Love of Your Life.

I believe my skills and experience are a good match to the criteria for this position. I have extensive experience in dating and relating to the opposite sex.  

I’m a team player and love the benefits of being in a relationship.

I believe I can make a positive contribution to this position, and am looking forward to the opportunity to work with and under you.

Please contact me should you require any additional information.



Reesy Floyd-Thompson




To obtain the position of Love of Your Life.


Promoted to the position of fiancé, after a couple months of dating, being friends and laying a foundation. A year later, I obtain the highest honor of being Mrs. Nivens Thompson.


  • School of Hard Knocks, Class of Yesterday Today
  • Masters in the ART of being Reesy
  • Masters in Prisoner’s Wife-ology
  • Degrees in Ambition, Stress, Self-Improvement
  • Currently enrolled in Life Experience Training


With over 23 years dating experience and six years of marriage, I’ve heard positions as a girlfriend, main chick, side piece, booty call, and wife. Responsibilities include:  couple appearances, supporting partner, ego-stroking, keeping a home, relations, mothering, friendship, mind-reading, arguing, hearing and listening and other duties as assigned.  


  • Almost seven years of being a prisoner’s wife.
  • Gained self-confidence, assurance, and reliance.
  • Know all of your favorites.
  • Perfected being the “ying” to your “yang”.


  • 8 years of pole dancing.
  • Ability to drop it like it’s hot.
  • Expert multi-tasker.
  • Good listener.

References furnished upon request. ;)

You can make this as basic or as detailed as you want. Go apply for those positions. I got a feeling you will be hired on the spot.



Write a cover letter and romantic resume for your partner.

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