Perceptions, Misconceptions & The Truth

Perceptions, Misconceptions & The Truth

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  1. SevraSevra09-09-2014

    The house is horrible, tlreibre, shocking, dreadful like a ghost. The thick mist looks like cotton wool. The giant house looks like a tall tree. At the top it is pointy as a needle. It might be Christmas eve as the house is lit up and its pitch black outside. In the dark a wolf is howling.The moon appears in the sky waiting for the sun to swap places.

  2. SuprithaSupritha02-19-2015

    Hello Editor and JoeMy name also happens to be Joe and I’m soon to be going to priosn for L&L SB in which my younger ex girlfriend accused me of rape. I did not rape her but I have no way of proving her BS story false so I have given up trying to fight back. I’m out on bail now and have been since June. I have no escape from this charge and have accepted the fact that I’m going to have to face priosn time. I’m only 19 and was wondering from your experience whether or not you could tell me if younger SO’s get screwed with as much as older one’s. I assume that trying to convince inmates that I’m innocent and that me being 19 and her being 15 at the time wont help help my cause. So i was wondering if thier are any more precautions I should take before I go to priosn. I’ve been told I’m looking at 8-15yrs but I’m waiting to see what the state offers me. Was wondering if you’ve seen other cases such as myself while behind bars and was hopeing you could tell me what kind of priosn I’d be sent off to. I enjoy reading your blog and it gives me hope that I can survive if I keep off the radar. I look nothing like a criminal but hope with your advice I can keep the title of SO off my forehead while I’m inside.Stay safe and stay strongJoe

  3. AlexisAlexis03-29-2015

    Hi Juecer,How is my special spentur bed doing? Have you been zooming on your zoomed 2000? I bet it is faster than mine now! I haven’t seen you since I set out of my spentur bed and then stuck on this wierd planet. I can’t wait until I see you again. I am going to give you the biggest hug of your entire life.

  4. Merci pour ce site qui me ravie tous les jours! pleins de bonnes idées et d’ astuces qui nous rendent belles! ( grace à toi je me suis laissé tenté cet été par la gamme Effaclar que je ne connaissais que de nom et depuis ma peau est vraiment plus belle)! merci !

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