It’s the Most Horrible Time of the Year!

It’s the Most Horrible Time of the Year!

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  1. MikiMiki09-08-2014

    It is very possible. I think you might get more cnpvreheosime answers on the Biology board as Genealogy and Genetics aren’t the same.Y DNA goes from father to son only. So if you are talking about 2 males a Y DNA would show they are in the same line. Now a cousin who is the son of an uncle on the paternal side of the family would have the same Y.Mitochondrial goes from mother to both sons and daughters. However, all of your maternal aunts would have the Mitochondrial as well as their children.Most of our DNA is Autosomal. You get it 50-50 from both parents but when you get back to your grandparents, you get 50% from your paternal and 50% from your maternal but it won’t be an even breakdown between grandmother and grandfather in either case. This breakdown difference will vary between siblings. For instance, you might have more Autosomal DNA from your paternal grandmother and one of your siblings might have more from your paternal grandfather. The same can be true for your maternal grandparents. FamilyTreeDNA does do Autosomal testing. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone wanting regional/ethnic affiliation like DNAtribes as they won’t send an analysis for regional/ethnic testing but they will put your results on their website for you to view. However, they might do an analysis for what you are looking for. When you go into their website, go under Feedback and you can email them and ask questions.

  2. EoinEoin02-20-2015

    First of all, everyone has mtDNA which we all get from our moethrs. Men have it too, we just don’t pass it on to our children. So you could use mtDNA to find whether any two people come from the same maternal line regardless of their own gender. It wouldn’t necessarily tell you they are half siblings, they could be 3rd cousins twice removed (one’s purely maternal great great grandmother is the other’s purely maternal great great great great grandmother). Y chromosomes are only found in males and come only from fathers. You can’t tell anything about women from Y chromosomes, obviously.The reason they use mtDNA and the Y chromosome is because they come from only one parent and so there is no crossover and hence very little variation from generation to generation. Therefore, the differences that appear come from mutations which occur randomly and with a regular average interval. That makes them useful for tracing someone’s ancestry back thousands of years or finding very very distant relatives.For finding close relatives, as well as learning more complex and messy details about a person’s genetic makeup, the full genome is used with its rich assortment of genetic markers. In tests where they determine your racial background, for example, they use the whole genome. Just the mtDNA or Y chromosome would make it appear you come from just one race while looking at the genome shows most people Americans are mixed race at some level (unless they’re family hasn’t been in America that long and come from a genetically homogeneous ancestral home). Most African Americans are nearly half white. A Y chromosome or mtDNA wouldn’t show that, it would show their pure white ancestry or pure black ancestry, depending on their purely maternal and paternal lineages.Since the other chromosomes undergo crossover between the parents and come from a mix of the sets of chromosomes in each parent, a full DNA test can determine precisely how closely you are related to a close relative, something not possible with mtDNA or Y chromosome testing. If two siblings share one parent, a DNA test will determine that. If they don’t have the same mtDNA, then that parent is their father. If they do, then that parent is their mother.

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