Crazy in Love or Just Plain Crazy

Crazy in Love or Just Plain Crazy

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Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. AlexanderAlexander09-08-2014

    Hello to all !How pleased I was to look at your web site and read about the opnnieg of what looks like a very beautiful new premisesto house the shop and P O. I hope it will be a very successful venture as indeed your hard work deserves.Having spent nearly a quarter of a century in that lovely village I must say I miss many aspects of life there. Incidently we have named our bungalow Woodgreen .Berst wishes to all and wishing you every success.Tom and Angela Kennedy

  2. MahoMaho02-20-2015

    My son was recently seenctend to 15 years for production even though he never shared or disseminated photos and didn’t molest. His sister set up a blog for friends and family. He mails me a post once a week, I type it and email it to her and she posts it. People can leave comments, which she prints and mails to him. It works well for keeping in touch. If your boyfriend is only in a holding facility and not in an actual prison yet, he should ask to be sent to one that has a sex offender management program. Those facilities have a higher percentage of SOs and are therefore safer. Pick the one closest to you or his family. Or Springfield, MO is considered pretty safe, assuming he’ll be in a low or minimum security facility. Hang in there. I hope he has the support of his family.

  3. NataliaNatalia03-01-2015

    The toy shop has lots of amazing thgnis.The union jack tent would have been good whilst having a jubilee party in the garden.I like all the different coloured bunting in the background.The stripy hot air balloon is my favourite.The window display uses the colours of the union flag.

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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