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  1. LiswanLiswan09-09-2014

    there was no way they could turn on my internet unlses I paid $150 for new equipment setup and a new account number since my old account number was my telephone number. I told them to go fly a kite and got comcast to install internet at my house a few days later and everything is back up and running.All in all this was a huge PITA and I was without internet and telephone for 3 full days since the only phone I had was through VOIPO which is through the internet. So I caution anyone porting an AT&T number if you use their DSL I would suggest switching internet providers ahead of time or giving AT&T a call telling them your intentions. Despite the VOIPO disclaimers to not contact your phone company if you go this route you could end up with no phone or internet for several days.

  2. LarryLarry02-18-2015

    Darn, looks like I missed out on the $129/month for 2 years deal! I was almsot going to sign up yesterday but I didn’t get a chance. I’m curious though, on your remarks on 05/09 you mention that they went with the lower cost $129 plan and sent out the lower cost ATA unit. I’m just wondering with the price going back to $149, does this mean they are once again shipping out the HT502 unit?Oh well, I’ll probably sign up this weekend anyway, as even $149 for 2 years is a lot cheaper than the $39.99 a month that I am paying now. I’ll be sure to use your promo code if I do sign up. It sounds like a good service.Chris

  3. PhuongPhuong03-23-2015

    Hey Randy, one of the problems with any VOIP seicvre is the way the Internet works. Everything that travels on the Internet makes many hops from router to router before reaching it’s destination. There can be delays at any point along the way. Most of what you do on the Net isn’t affected but voice can’t tolerate any delays. VOIPo does operate multiple centers to receive your calls. It is possible that your location doesn’t have a good connection to any of them. I believe their system learns over time how where to route your connection. When I first started using the seicvre I had intermittent quality issues that went away as I used it more. As you noted their customer seicvre is excellent. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee for anyone who runs into a problem like you did. I recommend that people hold off on submitting their number porting paperwork until they are happy with the seicvre.

  4. LucasLucas04-24-2015

    So far I am happy with VOIPO they respond to cumoestr concerns quickly and if you are still not satisfied and email the CEO that for sure gets them into gear. The only caveat I would keep in mind with Voipo is they no longer offer a second cloned line with their service they only have the one line adapter. To be fair it does not say on their site that they offer this anymore however every review site you read touts this cloned line. Phone quality is great and people are surprised when I tell them I am talking on the internet. So far I have not had any of my calls dropped I even had a nice hour long conversation with my folks and they couldn’t tell. I would say give it a try you have 30 days to cancel without any further obligation.

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