Reesy’s Pieces

Reesy’s Pieces

You want advice? You have come to the right show. Ask Reesy anything you have always wanted to know. In this show, Reesy will share questions and letters she has received. Find out the #1 question most people ask of Reesy.

Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. ShyjuShyju09-09-2014

    Its as spooky as being in the mildde of a desert in a box with no light.Feeling like your in the mildde of a dream.Terrifing as a lion jumping at you.The thick, white fog shines in the night and it looks as comfy as pillow.The haunted, dark house was covered in thick, white fog that looks like cotton wool. The house looks as big as Big Ben. The upstairs light shone as bright as the moon.

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