Romance from Behind Bars

Romance from Behind Bars

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Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. JorgiJorgi09-09-2014

    The house is petrified besucae it has a light on the very top story and it is set at night with a car as creepy as a box of ghosts outside the house.The air is misty besucae the car engine has broken down besucae of an MOT failure and the bin outside the house looks like it’s alive besucae its got 4 legs and is as dark as a pitch black room.The house will explode at any second even though it’s as big as a whale and as creepy as a spider it could blast off the ground like a rocket with turbo charged 900 litre v90000 engine with 2 little aliens to steer it.

  2. IrinaIrina02-18-2015

    Ho boy, here we go 1. YES. It feels like I’m reliving the same day over and over again. All I do is wake up, eat. Go to the rec yard for a ltltie while, go back to my cell at Recall to get counted, go eat when they unlock the doors, take a shower, blah. I’m bored just typing it.2. Yes. I regained the job I had previously when I returned from county jail.3. Yes. It’s barred though.4. If you’re in the SHU, you get moved every two weeks or so. For normal inmates on the compound, you always stay in the same cell unless you request to be moved somewhere else.5. That’s kinda hard to answer. Some people DO prefer prison to the outside world. Those guys are heavily institutionalized, and their lives/minds are pretty much toast. Those people are destined to come back if they get released. I’ve even heard of people violating probation deliberately to come back to prison. That makes me sad.6. There are magazines all over the place here. I don’t think there’s a limit.7. No.8. There are tons of hustles in prison. Some people steal from the kitchen, others make wine, some cut hair, do laundry or iron clothes, some make greeting cards. There’s lots of things you can do. Some do it just for a hobby, others do it to make a living. Everything depends on your personal situation.9. You go to the lieutenants office and say that you don’t feel safe in the general population. You are placed in the SHU, and are kept there while SIS (think of an in-house FBI) does an investigation on your case. If they come to the conclusion that you are in danger, you get transferred to another facility. If they think that you will be ok, they release you back to the compound. If you refuse to leave the SHU, that’s when you can get in trouble. You will be disciplined, and they may take privileges like phone and commissary away. See some of my posts from a year ago.10. Here, no. At the last prison, yes. We cooked with the electrical outlets since the prison didn’t provide microwaves. See my previous posts where I talk about stingers.Hope that satisfies your curiosity! (Wow, I just spent $3.00 in email credits typing all this. )

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