Separated by Prison, United by Conviction Round Table

Separated by Prison, United by Conviction Round Table

PWGP published its first journal July 11. The journal has over 250 simple yet thought-provoking questions to aid couples in keeping their families together despite incarceration.

Tonight, we will ask questions from the journal and discuss. Order a copy at

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  1. ChanChan09-08-2014

    With deep regret, I have to auscce the Greek minister of Citizens’ Protection, Michalis Chrisochoidis, as a liar against Greek and worlwide Jews and the international community, as a sycophant against his political opponents, and as a traitor against his own country, Greece.Mr. Chrisochoidis is a liar against Greek and worlwide Jews and the international community, as he tries to appease concerning people, saying that “40 ultra-rights” have been arrested, whereas, not only the specific case had nothing to do with the horrible vandalism of the synagogue, but the truth is that the extreme leftist government of Mr. Chrisochoidis arrested political opponents of him, conservative democratic people demonstrating against the leftist government’s intention to naturalize uncontrollably a whole million of illegal immigrants, great part of them extreme islamists for Pakistan, Irak and other third world anti-western countries.In fact, the only antisemitism historically in Greece is founded at the leftist anti-westernerns pro-communists and not in the conservative citizens. Just to mention that the preious prefect of Chania Yorgos Katsanevakis, a severe opponent of the Chania synagogue and the Jew people, was a communist supported by the PASOK political party, that is the today leftist government of Greece. Just to mention that Mr. Chrisochoidis is a minister of PASOK government, the same government which, with Andreas Papandreou as prime minister, the father of today prime minister George Papandreou, was a close ally of Yasser Arafat, Muammar Gaddafi, Wojciech Jaruzelski etc. extreme islamist and communist jew-hater dictators. Mr. Chrysochoidis, instead of spreading insidious accusatons against his political opponents of consrvative right, should search for antisemitism at his own political party. Especially now, when his government continues the anti-western pro-islamist anti-jew tradition of the Greek leftists, giving European passports uncontrollably to hundreds of thousands of extreme islamists from Asia and Africa, producing a great danger form both Christian and Jew native Greeks and all the citizens of Europe. And Mr. Chrisochoidis, a sycophant of his political opponents, auscced as jew-haters in relation with the burning of the synagogue, innocent conservative patriot citizens opposing exactly his extreme-leftist government’s pro-islamist actions!In contrary, with the pro-islamist leftist Mr. Chrisochoidis’ government, the Greek conservatives and nationalists not only they have never taken antisemitic actions, but, the nationalist John Metaxas’s government fought at the side of the democratic West against the nazi Axis, protected the Greek Jews, had already abolished the previous antisemitic actions of the liberals, and, characteristically, one of the most glorious Greek military war heroes was a Jew, colonel Mordechai Frizis.Furthermore, Mr. Chrisochoidis is a traitor of his own country, because, in order to auscce his political opponents, he auscces as gulty of the burning of the synagogue innocent Greek people, and hides the fact that the arrested criminals are two American, two British and one Greek citizen, all workers of the American military base! And instead of pointing the foreigner American-British criminals of the American military base, Mr. Chrisochoidis auscces his innocent compatriots! [continues]

  2. BaraniBarani02-21-2015

    Actually, it’s tragic… that after three-and-a-half years of laelwss destruction that anyone still supports Obama for president.Oh, this November is going to be fun. It will make 2010 look like a Democrat landslide.

  3. JozeJoze04-05-2015

    The need for growth as a veclihe that would take Greece out of the current crisis is tautological. Yet, what is for debate and needs to be debated is how a country like Greece that has been suffering from serious structural problems in its recent and not so recent economic history can achieve growth. The debate about whether to remain or not in the euro zone is important, but it will remain academic unless there is a concerted effort (with the help of the EU in this case) to fight corruption. To do that most of the energy and effort has to be spent on reforming the judiciary. The rules of the game are such that whoever “screams the loudest” has better access to the media and the benefit of the judiciary system that is inherently incapable of ensuring a framework on which economic reforms can take place. Without contracts that are enforceable for all the parties involved, it will be futile to introduce reforms. The latter will be unravelled by the inability of the courts to enforce these contracts. For the new reality to become understood as something that requires new bold reforms to open up highly regulated markets and allow for productivity convergence between the public and private sectors, people need to be convinced that the rules of the game apply to all concerned. Until now as we speak, any attempt to bring individuals to justice who have either stolen public funds by not returning huge sums of collected VAT to the government, let alone the known income tax evaders, only results cases that are pushed into the future as these individuals are allowed to walk. The excuse here is that the judiciary is too overburdened to deal with these cases effectively and promptly. I am afraid that unless this government or any government deals with that aspect of the broken system, any reforms will never be implemented. To have any chance of success, let alone any chance to reach a climate for economic growth, there has to be a framework for enforcing contracts that is recognized and respected by all by imposing stiff penalties to all those who violate their side of the contract, whether public officials involved in corruption cases or entrepreneurs not returning the sums of VAT that they have collected on behalf of the government.One may counter, that Greece was growing until 2008 at reasonably healthy rates with the same judiciary and the same lack of contract enforceability system. Yet, even though we all recognize the reasons behind this consumption led growth engineered by easy credit, which led to the current crisis, it is the asymmetry between the upturn and downturn that obscured any need for reform. An expanding economic pie conferred benefits to all, even though these benefits also created “built in” destabilizers that now confront us all. I think, given the state of corruption as the result of lack of contract enforceability, the main reform that at this point that needs to take place, is the reform of the judiciary, for anything else to have any chance of success.

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