STOP the Madness. We are ONE community!

STOP the Madness. We are ONE community!

Why is there so much division in the community of wives/girlfriends/partners of the incarcerated?

Those who say “I love my prisoner/inmate.” Vs Those who think it’s demoralizing.

Those who use DOC numbers to identify with their partners vs. Those who say it’s disrespectful.

Those who use the term “prison wives” vs. Those who say “Check the real meaning.”

Met while incarcerated vs. Met before incarceration.

Partners to someone with a violent offense vs. partners with someone deemed “Not that bad.”

WHEN DOES IT ALL END??? We are stronger together, not divided.

Tell me about it.

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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