Women in Prison

Women in Prison

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Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. PlanchaduriaPlanchaduria09-09-2014

    ,“Alright I have done one thing wrong. I have robbed a supkemarert before cause I was forced to do it by a person with a gun that’s all I promise. The ghost disappeared like a bubble popping .Dad said, “How can I change it it was last month there’s no time machine or travel back in time clock so how can I change it!The ghost came backand said: “Here’s a vatyioner it can get back in time but you are only allowed it for an hour because you stay longer you will get trapped in that world in that time forever! Dad said All right but how do we get back to earth The ghost said, I will break the spell and let you live your live normally but you have to change the robbery that you did.

  2. SheekHairSheekHair02-22-2015

    I applaud you for being siopprtuve of him. Thing’s will be very difficult after his release; especially his first year out. It will get better but the first things to do are to prepare for release, as soon as he is capable. Industrial jobs are generally his best bet. The more skills he can learn in prison as well as learn other skills from books with his free time (which is alot!) will greatly improve his chances upon release. The best skill for SO’s are learning to be a machinist or industrial maintenance. Another thing for you to learn is his registration requirements in your state (which vary widely between states). Best of luck and God bless.

  3. HarisHaris03-28-2015

    Dear Ella-RoseHow’s my number 1 Poggle Pot? I can’t bivele it’s been a week whole week already since we last blabbered on. I miss you! How is our little Jim-Bob? Have you received your new Apollo 4000? What colour is it? How fast does it go? Oh im sorry, I’m blabbering on about all these questions about things at home.bYE FOR NOW, lOVE YOU :-0

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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