Women in Prison

Women in Prison

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Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. MustafaMustafa09-08-2014

    I don’t have courage to tell him..now I’m so scaerd if he knows that i have found another guy. But I know he is aware that I must found another one coz he always told me that i must choose the better one..but still i took pitty of him because i love him..it’s ok fr me if he will tell me the truth..now we are very far from each other but still he is waiting for me to comeback to him and he is planning to meet me in the place where i’m staying now..i don’t know this anymore more.. i don’t know what to do..Reply+2Was this answer helpful?LikeDislike

  2. EdiinaEdiina03-08-2015

    Hi there 6J,A quick message to say 1M LOVED the video!!! We tuhghot when the alien went down the toilet it was very, VERY funny!! We would also like to know did the alien speak to you yesterday when you all had a photograph taken? When the alien visited us, he high fived’ a few of the children they were very lucky! However Mr Molloy could not speak when the alien arrived as he was a little scared Speak to you soon,1M

  3. OpenOpen04-12-2015

    Hi Mrs Jones this is Kierans and Lucys leettr back to the Blue Alien.Hi Kajazz,Thank you for the leettr,and I shall hope to see you soon.I miss you too Kajazz. The Astro Pod System is working well and is babtastic for are small Huligan,Jazzy.I can tell bye your leettr that you have enjoyed Planet Earth!!!Your Mission sounds pexciting you can tell me all about the Mission when you get back to Zogblob.Jazzy is doing great and started her first secday at Poddy Tot hully just round the hend from are Poddy Pod 2000.I wonder what Green Pare is and small transporter travels are? They sound tingtresting.I have been to the Bistrockk Bere with Hilly, Pixtic,Gully and Sigmadrim?Anyway what a pula are Animals?What are Towers anyway?I be muper ahazed when you come back to Zogblob planetand we have are smonerry that Mr Zogblob will give us!Bye for now hungybun and I give All my smug to you.I’m lokking after Jazzy and mopelly you willl be back to are poddy pod within 4 million light yearsTake good rare of yourself , remember dont be long on your purney.Buve you , morm Magjazz.

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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