Love Locked Down with Author Rachel Satiafa

Love Locked Down with Author Rachel Satiafa

R. SATIAFAexplores this phenomenon of prison romance in her thrilling new novel, LOVE LOCKED DOWN.  With the shortage of available men, can women successfully cross the barbed wire fence and find Mr. Right? 

LOVE LOCKED DOWNis a thought-provoking look at the number of  women who have chosen to pursue relationships with men behind bars. It is a fact based docu-novel that contains the stories of women from all races and walks of life – from a cafeteria worker to a Big Tobacco Executive – all who have crossed the barbed wire fence in search of Mr. Right. 

This premiere novel stems from interviews conducted with 22 women who are grappling with the struggles of maintaining relationships with incarcerated men – lovers, husbands, fathers, sons.  The novel is several stories wrapped up into one that will take you through the twists and turns of a woman’s passion when love is locked away.  The book openly discusses the perils of punitive incarceration and its effect on society as well as suggests a profile of women who seek these relationships.

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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