Prisoner Reentry with Dr. Denise Biron

Prisoner Reentry with Dr. Denise Biron

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Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. SusannaSusanna09-08-2014

    It was a pre release fialicty.Men there are going home. They work on roads picking up trash. They have been approved for release sometime soon and are considered low security risks. Once in awhile one man will walk away. They are usually caught and reenter the system with a few new charges.Can’t comment on what happened because I was not there and just read the local papers here. But you gotta wonder how this story began. Joe

  2. JohnsonJohnson02-26-2015

    On December 24th 2011 it was frosty, cold and very misty. It was Christmas Eve and the fimaly who lived in The King’s Head were having a party. Suddenly, they realised that the house was on fire.They felt shocked, worried and terrible. They smelled the horrible smoke and heard screaming. Upstairs a three year old girl was too scared to call some one. Then she just didn’t care she just run and tried to open the door but it was stuck. (If I was her I would have opened the window and shouted for help and say there’s a fire in my house) I would have felt very scared and I would try to not think about what will happen next so I wouldn’t feel fearful. Then some one knocked down the door and saved the people and he was the hero of the whole of England and he saved the day. People called him a nick name too, they called him “The Saviour of all England” and he liked his name and he called them “my people who I rescue”. THE END

  3. SimoSimo04-03-2015

    “We all looked out the wnoidw and smelt the fire catch the tyres because a spark fell on the wnoidw out of the car and set fire to the car which blew up. The police put barriers around the house because nobody was aloud to get very close to the house for health and safety reasons so nothing happened that may cause people damage but the smell was awful so the conditions were very hard to work in especially because it was at night and the smoke was billowing from the house, it wasn’t just the car.The people on the ground had butterflies in their tummies witch made them very scared and they hoped nothing terrible would happen In the end everyone were very happy but sad at the same time because of all their precious things inside the house, the fire had destroyed most of the precious things like the: the pictures of their family, and their children’s work got shattered into a trillion pieces but the fire was put out so it worked out alright (but not how everyone would of liked it to) in the end and nobody was hurt so they all lived happily ever after(sort of) THE END.

  4. SilviaSilvia05-04-2015

    Scream Out LoudOn the 27th May 1632 in Lavender Manor, home to the Davidsons, they had a problem, at night the lithgs turn on, glass smashes, a smell comes into the room and outside the night turns light and fogs all around the houseAt night the dad locks the door and the window and in the morning the door is wide open and the windows too. Their mum goes out and her garden is messed up and the pots are smashed the pond’s water is out on the grass and the shed is shattered onto the path.There’s only the tap running like a never ending fountain.Outside the mist gets thicker until it is as thick as cotton wool and the air get’s too thick to breathe in. You can see that it’s not a good place to live.The End!

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