What’s on Your Heart 2

What’s on Your Heart 2

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Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. PatriciaPatricia09-08-2014

    On Wednesday 5th of June 1990 it was a windy day with a bit of sunshine. Lots of pepole were outside but the pepole at number 6 Crocodile Road had other plans.Later that evening the house had some smoke coming out from the ground floor. The pepole in the street were anxious and a bit amazed. More and more smoke came out. The pepole were getting really worried about the family inside. The family weren’t normal. They were aliens! Nobody new apart from them. That’s why the smoke was coming out because they were taking off to a new planet. The family were going Iner Cliner a planet from a different universe. One man who had been living in that estate for 24 years can remember something 21 years ago. There was no house there 21 years ago. He can remember one night there was no house there but in the morning there was a brand new house that was really nice. The man had seen this before.There was a light on at the top of the house. It was where the family sat ready for launch. Outside there were 2 brothers who had chairs and some popcorn getting ready for the exiting bit. No one new what the family looked like even in human skin.They were purple with green blobs on them, 8 tentacles, 1 eye and had venomous spikes sticking out of its back.When they take off there was the biggest, loudest noise in the world. It was like every lion in the world roaring at the same time. The 2 brothers were so surprised by the time it had launched they were on their knees. When they were in the air the family was so happy to go to anther planet.After a few days they could see there destination. (The brothers were still on there knees!) They landed with a bump. The planet was really different from Earth. Back on Earth where they had taken off from was a big hole. There was still a bit of smoke coming from it.I wonder where they will go next!!!!THE END!!

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