What’s on Your Heart?

What’s on Your Heart?

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Mrs. GE-6309 Talk Show

  1. EvaEva09-08-2014

    Seems to have been well planned and oresniagd. This is a wedding that was budgeted for and did not happen by accident like the others I’ve seen. I would however, have loved to see the cake, the decor and the bridal party all together. Congratulations, I also wish I had been invited even though I don’t know you guys lol

  2. ZezoZezo02-19-2015

    Dear Joe, I have a few genrael (and maybe not so genrael) questions for you.How long are the showers you’re able to take, and roughly what is the water temperature they allow you?When entering into prison (either as a new convict, or a transfer) what is the best way to find a safe cell’? Is there such a thing? How do you know what ones to avoid? Are there any clues that say move along’ and more importantly are there any clues that say you can have a safe sleep’?How do you keep your cellmate from stealing from you? Is there such a thing as trust in prison?Have you ever had to pay someone for protection? Like-wise, it would seem like prison would be rife with protection scams such as Guy1 threatens Guy3, and Guy2 is paid by Guy3 for protection and both Guy1 and Guy3 split the profits. Does that happen?Does it bother you that you can never have a private’ conversation with anyone? That is to say that everything you say or type that goes out of the prison is monitored are you ever concerned that some state sponsored jerk off is going to cause you more problems than that particular communication is worth (aside from that psychologist that was sure you had voices’). During your incarceration, have you had to word things differently, or take into account the chances of getting censored when it comes to written communication? How often does censoring or denial of communications happen?Thanks!-Matt (Avid Joe Reader)

  3. FahadFahad03-30-2015

    Hi Christine,How’s my favourite glope? I can’t beeivle a weeks gone. Where have you been? I wanted to blab with you but you was not there at pod 2. What have you been doing today with our family? I bet you been gulping. How is Mum anyway? How is your glatic 2000 Rocket? I remembered when I passed my test for my glatic Rocket 2000.

  4. Bill, your photos still being so beautifull.Athena and Bill you are considering building like an art and thanks for that , i'm going on the same way. Really hope organising something with you in France ein Brittany.Today we have a workshop for basement like the Romans did.Have a beautifull day there !!Franck

  5. HereHere04-29-2015

    Hello,I found a bottle of $10 hemp oil at whole foods; ouobvisly this is not dark, sticky or $44/gram so I presume it’s a different, lower grade hemp oil but what is the difference?I have several worrying moles and I would really like to try to remove them with hemp oil.Thanks in advance!!

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