Top Two 2012 Resolutions for Prisoner’s Wife/Partner

Top Two 2012 Resolutions for Prisoner’s Wife/Partner

I know, I know, resolutions. Seriously, people still do this? Well, yes. The top two resolutions most people make revolve around losing weight and money. Why should we be any different?

Here are the top two resolutions for prisoners’ wives/partners:

  1. Lose weight in your relationship – If you had a difficult year, suffered a few disappointments, or learned something hurtful. Its’ time to lose weight. Extra goo in your union is unhealthy. If you are still together, then you owe it to each other to not only lose the weight, but not regain it. This extra poundage will not only weigh the relationship down but eventually will affect your relationship health. If you still harbor feelings about what happened in 2011, you have approximately two days to hit the gym to lose what’s ailing you and start the new year with a zero on the relationship scale.
  2. Balance your relationship checkbook – We have a tendency to give and give and give and sacrifice and sacrifice and sacrifice. We are emotionally and sometimes financially overdrawn, trying to pay the hefty price of this relationship. You cannot continue to pay from an account that’s overdrawn. Eventually, the account must be closed which means a mental breakdown in your future. Balance your relationship checkbook. Decide what works and what doesn’t. Where are the deposits? Where are the withdrawals? Shift credits and deposits accordingly until you have more than enough to give.

For example:
Overcompensating – Withdrawal.
Stressed over things you can’t control – Withdrawal.
Paying for things can’t afford it – Withdrawal.
Living within your means – Deposit.
Communicating effectively – Deposit.
Supportive friends and family- Deposit.

By losing weight and balancing our checkbooks, we resolve to have  better relationships which ultimately will spill over to us becoming better people (we hope).


Happy New Year!


What are some of your relationship resolutions?


  1. FachryFachry09-08-2014

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  2. JarrettJarrett02-21-2015

    Oh, my am I single mdined? I can be though not in the way you describe more obsessive compulsive, single mdined, lol. Story to finish? Then back off Jackson, I’m concentrating and even if the house catches on fire, you can bet I’m saving to the flash drive as I’m diving out the door!But on other levels, I am a more go with the flow kind of girl. I tried to be more single mdined in the past, but found it didn’t agree with me. What I love about life is how it works so differently for us all.You post reminds me how brilliant it is when we find our way. Wishing you continued joy ~April

  3. SameerSameer03-24-2015

    I hope you guys had such a wonderful ceoabretiln this past weekend! We were so sad to miss M’s birthday, but I ended up sick with strep on top of working, so it was not in the cards apparently. We’ll have to get together so we can bring her present to her, though!!!Can’t wait to see party pics!

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