Insider Secrets of a Prisoner’s Wife/Partner Relationship

Insider Secrets of a Prisoner’s Wife/Partner Relationship

Critics of prisoner relationships often say the same things:

“I don’t understand it.”

“How can you be with someone incarcerated?”

“It makes no sense.”

“These relationships don’t work.”

Well critics, thanks for your thoughts but I offer this: All relationships are different.

No one can ever appreciate the depths of a relationship between two people. Outsiders will not speak the language, cannot read the nuisances, nor understand its infrastructure.

People design relationships that work best for them. If their design doesn’t look “right” to you, it’s not supposed to.

What do you think?

  1. PattiPatti01-12-2012


  2. MoiraMoira01-12-2012

    i totally agree. tho i sometimes ask myself the same thing about other relationships that is also how i respond to myself. “it isnt yours and not for you to figure out”…our relationships are complicated enough without trying to run others…

    • SivSiv09-09-2014

      Interesting topic. As a BM, I am single, no kids, no drama, debt free and eeadutcd. I prefer being single because it’s easier. Women=less money, less time to get things accomplished in my opinion. People prefer not to become an item these days due to so-called super equality rights, feminism has definately played a major role in the decline of commitments. Most women are masculine and a ton of men of today’s generation is feminine (in my opinion). Hope this helps.

    • PatyPaty02-18-2015

      It was a pre release flitaicy.Men there are going home. They work on roads picking up trash. They have been approved for release sometime soon and are considered low security risks. Once in awhile one man will walk away. They are usually caught and reenter the system with a few new charges.Can’t comment on what happened because I was not there and just read the local papers here. But you gotta wonder how this story began. Joe

    • TiffanyTiffany03-22-2015

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    • YukaYuka04-26-2015

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  3. patriciatucker333patriciatucker33301-17-2012

    I agree with Moira.
    It floors me because so many people are suprised and impressed because I have stood my and been 250% faithful to my husband and our marriage. I mean there is no other way to be !! Hello ???
    The picture reminds me of feeling sad sometimes when I see a couple together, but I replace it with that day is coming soon.
    Ladies, Dont ever let someone make you feel like *&^%$# about your relationship. It takes MORE of a woman to be in this kind of relationship than any other and come out on the other side walking hand in hand with the one you waited on. No-one will ever know the feeling, except us ! Stay strong !

  4. kayteekaytee09-11-2015

    I have been in a relationship with my inmate for a little over a year. In your discussion of mantras these are the two we repeat most often to each other during our calls and in our cards and letters. The first one is: “one day closer to release; one day closer to us; one day closer to eternity with God.: This one reminds us that one day all people will be released from this world; the world of incarceration we know as Earth where we are separated from the rest of God’s creation. The second mantra is: “I will be so glad when the Lord releases you from that place.” This is a daily thought because each day brings another challenge that makes the longing to be in each other’s presence more wanted than the day before.

    I really enjoyed the sharing under the title indeed that the life of the one who is incarcerated is a challenging one. Before I entered my loved one’s prison cell, I asked a woman who had experienced this life and now lives joyfully with her spouse for more than 20 years post release. She warned me that the life of the incarcerated is a most difficult and challenging one; but it can be done.

    Thank you for your time in sharing all of the thoughts I have read today.

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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