Insufficient Funds for Prisoner’s Wife/Partner

  1. AutoFill Glinda Fay White, 83601san Mato AveAutoFill Glinda Fay White, 83601san Mato Ave09-25-2012

    I’m glad to hv find this site its nice to hv some kind of support. And someone that can listen to me I know what I’m going through. someone I can relate to. Plus all my friends don’t understand. And then there are friends who have loved ones in prison but scare to talk about them. Because people look at you differently.

  2. MiaS HEart!!MiaS HEart!!02-15-2013

    I was actually quite thankful that I was referred to this website..I have a sisterhood or community place to others that can relate. And seriously I believe that we are investing as well, because we are giving a percentage that is much more reluctant than our spouses and partners. I engaged myself in this committed relationship two years ago and it is a big step for me (for any of us that take that chance n that risk) We go through the ridicule as is, but the hard part is sustaining the means to provide for ourselves and them. It breaks my heart when I recently transitioned from a career to an unemployed student. I discussed this with him at first, but it did bother me that we were both going to have this rough patch. My security level bounced off the wall, because it is very overwhelming for me at times. I mean woman have offered my husband money to leave me..he is capable of having his wants met..because of the means that are extended to him. I do not mean to stir our minds, but we both fight a battle. My thoughts may be extreme for some (I have been but as much as my mind goes up and down about plenty of things…my husband does not need it. Heck, I definitely don’t need it..acting neurotic about the growth in our relationship is a wear and tear on our souls. Today I had to encourage myself continuosly because it is a constant thing to feel lonely. We all need the basis of touch to survive, because we are created in such a way. I spent this Valentine’s day understanding more of my own sacrifices that are pertinent to be given up to reap better benefits. So as I just wrote the sentence before this one, the name Bernie Maddoff came to mind. And I don’t want to be him in this matter and I definitely don’t want that to be my husband (just an analogy per relationship and investments). As alarming as it can be, these are real facts that we all have to face. The only difference in all this is that we realize the cold realities for what they are when we are in a bathing suit and it is -36 degrees below….well don’t worry my husband and I are fine…I sometimes need a safe haven to vent because you can’t share these with those around will just be another reason to form an attack against our relationship…but like we know “What GOD puts together Let no man tear apart” even our own selves.

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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