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Mottos, Mantras, & Make Believe for Prisoners’ Wives/Partners




Ever chant a slogan over and over or cheer a team to victory? Remember the feeling?

The words become a part of you. You feel empowered. Excited. Intoxicating. Sane.

What do you chant about your relationship? How do you keep going?

The prison system has a way of permeating all aspects of your life. Sayings, slogans, and affirmations are a way to escape the demands of a prison-filled world.

Such as:

“We are going to make it!”
“I’m okay, if you are okay.”
“You are my air.”
“Family first. Prison whenever.”
“He/She is worth it.”
“My bid is better when you are better.”

Each time you utter a special saying, you recommit, but don’t stop there. Invent a world with a population of two, where no one else speaks the language, where you are…free.

Having a phrase that expresses who you are as a couple opens the door to your safe haven. Physicality is limited but there are no boundaries to the mind.

Your job is to do whatever necessary to make this life easier, to fortify each other and to keep moving forward, even if it seems out of this world.

Mrs. GE-6309 Time: My secret world is ‘homecoming.’ Homecoming is more than an event. It is a place I go when I want to feel better, a place where I dream and am happy. [rft]

What mottos/mantras/slogans to you use to cheer on your relationship?
How do you escape?

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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