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PWGP Series: Advocate


Whenever you speak for or against anything, you advocate.

Advocating in our world is two fold.

For your partner:

When your loved one is in prison, you must advocate for them. Be their voice. Be present in the process. How? Educate yourself about the legal process and the facility. Know the names of unit managers, counselors and decision makers. Knowledge is the foundation you stand on when dealing with prison officials and working towards and end goal.

It’s your voice that keeps your loved one relevant. You are their good will ambassador—the keeper of the name. It’s through you that people will get to know your loved one. If people like you, they are generally willing to extend that courtesy to your loved one, regardless of their location. But, the biggest way you advocate is to society.

For the world:

Whether you like it or not, because you are in this position, you are now an educator to those around you. Use your life and this experience to teach others about this world and hopefully change one mind.

Find your voice and advocate.


How do you advocate for your partner?
What are some ways you can advocate more?

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Weekly Series: PWGP’s of Living with a Loved One Locked Up

PWGP launches a new blog weekly blog series: PWGP’s of Living with a Loved One Locked Up. Over the years, I’ve listened to many of you wonder how to get through a life and relationship separated by distance and time. This series is an attempt to answer those questions.

This series contains the abc’s, eh PWGP’s of being in a relationship with someone incarcerated. From A to Z, I’ll take you through the thoughts, emotions, principles and inevitables of this life.

As always, PWGP resources are designed to be interactive. I encourage discussion about each principle posted. I ask you to share how you have used a particular principle in your life. I’ll challenge you to create action items. I want to inspire you to always be proactive during this time and to take whatever steps necessary to have the best relationship possible.

Ok, so meet me back here in four days on Monday, January 6 and let’s begin the PWGP’s of Living with Your Loved One Locked Up. [rft]


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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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