PWGP Series: Advocate

PWGP Series: Advocate


Whenever you speak for or against anything, you advocate.

Advocating in our world is two fold.

For your partner:

When your loved one is in prison, you must advocate for them. Be their voice. Be present in the process. How? Educate yourself about the legal process and the facility. Know the names of unit managers, counselors and decision makers. Knowledge is the foundation you stand on when dealing with prison officials and working towards and end goal.

It’s your voice that keeps your loved one relevant. You are their good will ambassador—the keeper of the name. It’s through you that people will get to know your loved one. If people like you, they are generally willing to extend that courtesy to your loved one, regardless of their location. But, the biggest way you advocate is to society.

For the world:

Whether you like it or not, because you are in this position, you are now an educator to those around you. Use your life and this experience to teach others about this world and hopefully change one mind.

Find your voice and advocate.


How do you advocate for your partner?
What are some ways you can advocate more?

  1. marisamarisa01-08-2014

    As we have moved through this experience, I have learned to really focus on the ways we have grown together and the ways I have grown individually. Coming into the situation I was so blind about the workings of our criminal justice system. But this opportunity has given me a chance to support legislation that will make a real difference in something important to me. It has also put me in a position to inform others and begin conversations with family, friends, and neighbors about things that are really affecting our communities. I used to be ashamed and avoid certain topics, but now I’m happy to advocate for my man. It has made my voice stronger and has strengthened our relationship. Thank you for another great article!

  2. lindseylindsey04-17-2014

    I agree with you marisa. I was ignorant to the way things worked when this all first started and i have had very little support and advise other than the other loved ones visiting inmates. We have all stuck together and offer advise where w can. I always feel a pang of sadness and sympathy when i see a new sad, scared face at visitation. But i find myself bringing up my situation so i can educate those that believe the justice system is faultless. It is shocking to see the sentences handed out for some offenses. People molesting children are given 18 month sentences in my county. But the wrong face goes in front of this judge and he condemns a man for life based on personal grudges. the system is not fair. These guys need us to be there voice. I’ve been to every court date and i respect the process. We are an extension of their image and we must carry ourselves accordingly. But we also need to keep in mind that attorneys and judges are people too. They make the same assumptions the general public does. They are in jail for a reason they must be bad guys. Well that isn’t always the case. Some of them were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is why it is important for them to see us there supporting out loved ones. We must keep them fresh in their minds and let the prosecutors and judges knowthat we won’t take this sitting down.

    • ChresaChresa08-19-2015

      You amaze me, i am truly seeking strength to ponder on, JUSTICE PREVAILS but honestly sometimes judgement is wrong

      Really the incarcenated ones were caught in the wrong situation and wrong time

      Thankyou very much

    • lakota Rychartlakota Rychart10-05-2017

      so it will help than if i show up to support my husband and i know if I tried my best i could potentially gather at least a percentage of family and friends to take a half hour out of the day on his scheduled court date s, i didn’t even think of that honestly I been on the verge of giving up completely but I think I can muster up a little more faith i think thanks and God bless

  3. Andrea ForddAndrea Fordd07-22-2014

    This is my first time to experience this type of situation. I think the most important thing to start off is to always be positive and to build my husband up. There are so many things tearing them down in there. I write every single day and remind him how much of an amazing person he is and how much I am proud of him that he gets through every single day. I ask questions and call the warden when I do not understand things and I also question them when I do not feel he is getting the proper care. I keep involved and probably annoy them but it is my family there.

  4. LucyLucy09-19-2014

    Do you know of any good books/resources for those of us who want to learn more about the legal process?

  5. Julie SheehanJulie Sheehan05-09-2017

    Informative piece , I was fascinated by the points , Does anyone know if my business could possibly get a template ND SFN 1763 copy to fill out ???

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Living your life when your partner is locked up means knowing what you can and can not control and making the most of it.

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